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Custom Staffing Process

Your company is unique and your staffing plan should be as well. The only core component for every customized staffing plan is that the key to success is Partnership.

Our process, from beginning to end, really is this simple. We assess your current situation and challenges. Then, we develop a custom solution tailored to your needs. A dedicated team is then created and assigned to your project.

Take of tour of our process and see for yourself how the Tailored approach can make the difference. 

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The Tailored Process

  • Assess

    First, we believe your company is unique so, why wouldn’t you deserve a unique staffing approach? Vigorous evaluation of the program, shortfalls and successes, in-depth interview with stakeholders, at which point we go through a formative assessment including diagnostic, formal and informal testing to decide the best areas to offer workforce solutions.

  • Implement

    Then, we work with you hands-on to make sure the structure of our recruiting strategy will offer your company with the best employees. For Tailored Management having a mutually beneficial and open partnership with you is the key to successfully tailoring a staffing solution. Applying assessment findings to build a staffing strategy that elevates performance in the areas […]

  • Refine

    Lastly, we build a team a team of dedicated recruiters to work with you to implement and execute the recruiting solution from start to finish. We offer you one-point of contact and a team built around them to execute our staffing strategy. At this point, our team will handle the dirty work and you can […]

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