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Centralized Recruiting Hub

Tailored Management is a unique staffing agency in many ways, constantly looking to best our competition and find even better ways to help our customers. One way we accomplish this is through our Centralized Recruiting Hub (CRH).  Our CRH allows us to make worldwide decisions on a local level, while eliminating the inconsistencies and inefficiencies that plague regional models. This allows us to fill the needs of our Workforce Partners in timely and efficient manners.

How Centralized Recruiting Can Help

Reduced overhead

The elimination of multiple offices across the globe allows us to dedicate more resources to you than our competition.

Consistent quality

With Tailored Management the same recruiters work on the positions whether they reside in New York, California or anywhere in between. These recruiters develop and expertise in recruiting for the positions required by your organization.

Timely delivery

Unlike a standard staffing company, our dedicated team is continuously pipelining the types of candidates you require all the time. Our model allows us to be proactive and recruit for the needs prior to receiving open requisitions.

Reduced turnover

Our centralized approach allows our dedicated team the ability to acquire the knowledge necessary to prepare candidates for employment at your company. We will eliminate those occurrences when an employee arrives with no knowledge of the job, expectations, hours or understanding of the culture within which they will be working.

Easy Communication

We assign one point of contact to be responsible for the management of the process and service delivery. We eliminate miscommunication by having your dedicated recruiting team works side-by-side in our CRH everyday.

Quick Results

Instead of having decisions and requisitions being passed down from headquarters or another office to a local branch, all of your account is supported locally and Tailored Management is able to deliver quick results when you need them most.

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