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Made for VMS Environments

We are the FIRST Staffing Agency in the Nation to customize staffing programs and lending support to the MSP/VMS environment.

For the last 15 years Tailored Management has been the benchmark in the contingent labor space by delivering the highest-level talent in the most consistent and efficient ways possible. Our commitment to VMS space is evident by our dedication in our Centralized Recruiting Hub, to service all locations for our clients, and to provide consistent results. This keeps communication clear and clean and prevents dilution of information because it comes through the core of our office. Tailored Management has one location, one voice, one message, one result.

We’ve done so by investing in the best technology that offers real time synchronization with all major Vendor Management Systems (VMS). Our Applicant Tracking System (ATS) and Customer Relation Management (CRM) program ensures our recruiters are notified as soon as a position is open and when the position is filled. This method is proven through the multiple successes that we have forged with over 80 clients world wide.

Our VMS Partnerships

VMS Veterans

Using recorded staffing statistics; every submission gets broken down into data points for analysis. From here, we have developed a proprietary algorithm that analyzes these submissions in order for us to get smarter with every submission.

Our proprietary software allows us to work faster and more accurately in the VMS space by building “ideal” profiles based on the candidates who have been selected previously. Ensuring accuracy and timeliness in a time sensitive industry.

We learn from every hire and share our findings with you, so you can improve your company and we can customize your hiring process. This has allowed us to rise to the top of the vendor list quickly. We are able to learn what a client is truly looking for without specific feedback.

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