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Tailored Management’s History

While other organizations are paralyzed by their inability to adapt to the changing landscape of Talent Acquisition, Tailored Management’s relentless passion for more had forced us to take a different approach in servicing our clients and candidates. Over the years, we’ve seen tremendous growth all from that single desire to be better than the rest.  Growing into an organization with the mindset of be better doesn’t happen over night. There’s been many ups and downs on our path but we will own every success and every failure. Our past makes all of us who we are today. Check out the shortened timeline of who Tailored Management is and see how we’ve embraced the idea of being better than the rest.

Our Story

Our Story

December 21

Keep it Coming

14 New clients 35 New internal employees 2126 placed candidates It was a whirlwind of a year but we found a way to keep up our growth over a very fast-moving year.  
July 1

Award Winning Organization

Tailored Management won an award for being one of Columbus’ 50 best places to work. The company celebrates by popping bottles, arguing over the dress being black or blue, and then apologizing for the exchange of words said during the argument. All in all, a pretty good Tuesday.
December 1

Obtains X new clients this year

The change in Tailored Management’s approach pays off. In just a few short months’ we are able to sign up XX new Fortune 500 clients in one year.
June 21

Unexpected Victories

Not even halfway through the year, Tailored Management had already added 7 new VMS clients! With this tremendous growth, our new office was very rapidly running out of space as we hired more and more recruiters.
January 21

Going All In

The game changing decision was made to go full force nationally after Fortune 500 clients in the VMS/MSP space. An approach was designed to support these programs that other recruiting agencies were fighting against. this decision laid the path for our biggest expansion yet to come over the next 12 months.
December 21

On to Bigger Adventures

As much as we loved the garage, Tailored Management had to move down the street to a new office that was over 4 times the size of our current location. The new office was shiny, nice, and full of space but we knew our growth was only going to continue.
May 21

From an old Car Garage…

When we first moved into 833 Grandview Ave, the building was an old mechanic shop. We gutted the inside and converted a garage into a fully functional office. It was loud, it was messy, and we loved every minute of it. We had a great time laying the foundation for the future of Tailored Management.
April 21

The Expansion Continues

Tailored Management lands a large Financial Services client, that also requires us to recruit in areas outside of Columbus. This account rapidly grew, and this was Tailored Management’s first attempt partnering with an external MSP…. WE LOVED IT, AND WE WERE HOOKED!
February 21

First Dive into National Recruiting

Tailored Management agrees to support 2 large clients in areas outside of Columbus, and does so with great success! Both of these clients operated in an internal MSP environment utilizing a VMS
May 1

New Ownership

Brad Beach purchases Tailored Management and starts to get his vision for what the company can become.
September 1

Tailored Management Opens

And so it begins. Tailored Management opens its doors for the first time as an executive search firm.
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